iShook Platfrom

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iShook is the platform that incentivizes social reading, social media engagement by offering its users SHK Tokens which they can then trade off for discounts on the ecommerce store
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Rate of exchange
1 ETH = 1000.0 SHK
Media & Content
United States of America
6,337 ETH of 72,000 ETH raised
50 weeks
370 DAYS
60 MIN
60 SEC
Scan QR code with your wallet to participate in ICO:

Or you can participate in one click with Citowise wallet:

How can I participate?

If you have Citowise wallet installed on your devise you can to click on URL and your devise will ask you if you want to open this URL with Citowise wallet. Click on Citowise wallet icon in poped up window. You will see an Ico screen with all details already prefilled. Confirm the transaction with your password. That's it!

If you use any other wallet that does not support Citowise wallet URL's you have to setup payment manually. Initiate payment in wallet of your choise, scan or copy-paste address of Ico campaign into address field, fill in currency type and amount you want to contribute and confirm transaction.