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Max Zab
Max got his degree in Astrophysics from The University of Manchester. He has been involved in many startups throughout Europe and has experience in all startup stages. As a professional web engineer, he holds extensive expirience in dealing with all possible payment methods.
Aleksandr Kents
Blockchain and cryptocurrency enthusiast. Engineer, entrepreneur, founder of "Melior Clinics". Writer, journalist and public figure. Alexander belives that blockchain will revolutionize the world for the better and will open a new era of technologies.
Jaroslav Gorjachev
Head of Engineering
Jaroslav holds deep knowledge of various software architectures and infrastructures. List of his previous employers includes companies such as Skype and Microsoft. His expertise in IT can not be overestimated.
Artur Lubin
You give him a problem - he brings you the solution. Arthur can take any user interface on the next level. He has an eye for details and has desiging talant that so many are searching for. We are happy to work with him.
Pavel Scherbakov
Pavel knows everything about mobile. He is experience Adroid developer. Since 4 years Pavel was leading teams in multiple companies. He is also passionate blockchain hobbyist.
Enelin Paas
Head of communications
Enelin has done marketing & PR for various companies helping them to get clients and gain brand recognition using the latest best practices. Last 5 years she has worked for companies in Wall Street, Silicon Valley, Syndey, Latin America and Europe. She has lead teams from 5 to 150 people and been a successful small business founder.
Jakov Sadovnikov
Project manager
Jakov is the man of sales. He is a talanted project management and has been previously employed by several large European corporations. He has founded IT and logistics companies in the past. Jakov belives blockchain will make this world a better place. Chat him up if you want to partner up with Citowise.
Jay Bharadhwaj
Project manager
Engineer by qualification and entrepreneur by profession. Highly motivated to make technology accessible to masses. More than 5 years of experience in sales and marketing of IT services and education. ICO assesment expert. Chat him up if you want to partner up with Citowise.
Jonathan Schramm
Project manager
After a Master in Biochemistry, he chose to focus his career on sales. He worked in pharmaceutical, water and industrial gas sectors, while being an investor in stock market and cryptocurrencies. After launching a video game start-up, he now help Citowise in ICO assessment and content marketing.
Gokhan Temel
Project manager
Gokhan holds a master degree in Engineering and Technology Management from Bogazici University. He has seven years of experience as a professional seles representative in automotive and energy industries. He is a strong believer in blockchain revolution and active cryptocurrency investor.
Christian Allen
Online marketing|SEO
Christian is a self-taught online marketer and content creator. He is obsessed with every aspect of it and continiously educates himself. Now he is applying his skills to push blockchain technologies forward to make this world a better place.
Denis Sokolov, Ph.D.
Scientific Consultant
Denis received his Ph.D. from Georgia Institute of Technology, USA. He is a scientist, an entrepreneur and the founder of “Falcon Scientific Editing”. Denis is passionate about state-of-the-art technologies both in science and in IT.
Roman Vasjoho
Global Investment Adviser
Being a part of startup ecosystem Roman participated in multiple projects for public and private sector. Since 2017 he became an IT & Technology Mentor in European Innovation Academy - World's Largest Extreme Entrepreneurship program.
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