About Citowise

Our goal is to make cryptopayments a part of everyday life for every person

About our company

How it began

The Citowise project started in 2016 when the founders experienced several problems. One founder discovered the loss of cryptocurrency from his personal wallet. Another founder could not obtain his ERC20 tokens after participating in an ICO project. Finally, third had a problem sending cryptocurrency to relatives because there were no simple and understandable mobile applications to do this.

It became clear that several problems had to be immediately addressed. This led to the idea of creating a safe and convenient application (cryptowallet) for smartphones that would be available to any user anywhere in the world. Particular attention was paid to safety and ease of use.

We found the best experts in the field of blockchain technology, cryptography and security. There were months of preparation, negotiation and testing. Unlike many projects, we began to develop our solution and our first product using our own financing. In 2017, we released the first finished product for the Android platform and received a significant number of positive reviews. This paved the way for future development.

What is the origin of the project name, and what does the name mean?

The name originates from Latin. It consists of 2 parts.

The first part is the word CITO, which translates from Latin as "quickly". Speed of transactions attracts people to cryptocurrencies. Transfer of funds from one part of the world to another requires only a few seconds. Thus, this new modern technology is changing the world of finance.

The second part is the word WISE, which means – “wisely”. In the world of finance, the person who has information and appropriately acts on it is successful. We believe that blockchain is the wisest technology ever created. Therefore, many people understand that this is not a bubble. Rather, this technology offers unique opportunities for everyone.

Consequently, those who use Citowise solutions choose speed and wisdom.

Our mission

We create infrastructure for the blockchain community and make this technology simpler and more understandable for ordinary users. Our task is to create a full range of products and services for the mass consumer using blockchain technologies.

Empowering crypto payments

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Our vision is different from most of our rising competitors. It is aligned with our forecast for industry development and is based on our expertise in IT, financial and entrepreneurial fields. Meet our team of professionals and have a glance at our office.

Where we're located

Tallinn is a scandinavian center of blockchain startups. Estonia has highest amount of companies in crypto field per capita in the world.

Citowise Developments OÜ

Narva mnt 7B-412,
Tallinn, Estonia

Reg. number: 14383944
Email: [email protected]

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