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Secure multi cryptocurrency wallet

Citowise provides best free and secure cryptocurrency wallets for Google Android and Apple iOS platforms that can transfer all ERC20 tokens out-of-box and a dozen of the most popular cryptocurrencies. Start sending Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Cash and many other cryptocurrencies in seconds!

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Advantages for ICOs

We successfully solved 3 major ICO shortfalls: crowdsale address substitution, scamming and technical mistakes from the user side.

Compare our wallet with competitors

We always work hard to be the best solution available on market. Competition is our secret ingredient that inspire us to deliver value to our users.

Citowise Logo Coinomi imToken Eidoo Enjin Trust MyEther Myst Parity
User control private keys
Available as mobile app
Simple to set up
No registration required
Multiple cryptocurrencies
Support Bitcoin
Support 55,000+ tokens
Support custom Ethereum networks
Integrated exchange
Buy crypto with Debit card
Buy crypto with SEPA
Contribute to ICO within wallet
Currency calculator
Reference currency
Payment requests
PIN Protection
Transparent Team
Registered company
Integration with Legder Nano S
Integration with Trezor