Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about cryptopayments and blockchain. Cryptocurrencies are getting closer to us, so stay tuned ;)

Citowise wallet is digital wallet software provided for multiple platforms that lets people to use cryptocurrencies in simple and easy way. You don’t need to be an experienced developer to become a user of any coin. Just download the wallet, setup your account and you're good to go. It is simple, quick, easy and secure.

Citowise wallet provides simple and reliable interface for sending and receiving money with cryptocurrencies. We support cryptocurrencies and all ethereum based tokens. Our wallet has a feature-rich functionality at our customer’s convenience. You can calculate and estimate the conversion rate between currencies, request money from friends and your customers, have multiple wallets for differents coins, enjoy integrated exchanges and enjoy many other cool features.

Whenever you need to ask somebody to send you money, let it be your friend or customer, you can do that by showing them a QR code or sending them a URL. This QR code or URL will provide a Citowise wallet with information about which cryptocurrency and how much of it you are expecting to receive. Recipient can quickly scan the QR code or click on the link to initiate the deal. All that is left to do is to confirm the transaction.

You can provide short description information about payment request, attach an invoice link or you can provide no information about amount you want to get and leave such decision to sender. Payment procedure can be repeated multiple times.

List of supported coins is growing every month. However we plan to cover most popular coins first. If you want Citowise to support a new raising coin [email protected]

We take security and privacy of our users very seriously. All communication happens through encrypted private channels. We never expose away, neither to us nor to any 3-rd party, any data that can compromise the privacy of Citowise wallet customers. All the data is stored locally on user’s device and can be decrypted only on users will with a password and only for sending transaction or exporting a wallet from device.

Citowise wallet provide full support for Trezor and Ledger cold storages.
Ledger Nano S covering video - you can find here

Citowise wallet provides a list of ICO’s that our customers can participate in. We carefully choose ICO campaigns, making sure that our customers are safe from any scam advertisements. We stay in touch directly with campaign representatives to make sure that data provided in that list is accurate and valid.

However our users can participate in any ICO campaign by just sending money to smart contract. In such case user holds all responsibility of this action.

It is important that your ICO does not break any law in any jurisdiction worldwide. We will only accept your ICO as a candidate if you satisfy all conditions below:

  • Your tokens circulation represent some financial system for your customers
  • Your token can not be categorized, neither now nor in future, as some form of security
  • Your token does not represent any form of property, other currency, fiat or cryptocurrency, or any form of traditional stock traded value
  • Your token is issued for operating system

Open Citowise wallet on your phone, navigate to your wallets screen (most right icon on bottom navigation bar), click on wallet you want to export/backup and select “Export” from menu and follow instructions on your screen.

Open Citowise wallet on your phone, navigate to your wallets screen (most right icon on bottom navigation bar), click on “+” button in bottom right corner and follow instructions on your screen.